What’s Clean Energy’s Real Worth?

When policymakers tally clean energy’s real worth, they consider jobs and environment. But other work achieved by clean energy goes forgotten. Two new papers shed light on some of this work – from saving the lives of US troops to influencing broad economic health. First, the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) argues that the U.S. … [Read more...]

Follow The Money in Clean Energy To Energy Efficiency

." If you follow the money in clean energy, the first place you'll stop is energy efficiency, says Craig Shields, author of "Renewable Energy: Following The Money." The editor of 2greenenergy.com says, "If you want to put people back to work, energy efficiency is the place to start." His book, based on interviews with economists, philosophers and … [Read more...]

New Jersey Edison Innovation Clean Energy Manufacturing Fund

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority: Money is available for companies to site Class I renewable energy or energy efficiency product manufacturing facilities in New Jersey. New Jersey clean technology manufacturers can receive funding for project assessment and design, or project construction and operation. Applications are now being … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Finds its Cell Phone: Part II

By Elisa Wood April 4, 2013 If you're an energy efficiency geek and your refrigerator breaks down, you probably think, "Yes! A chance to buy a new super energy-saving model." But you're the exception. Most consumers consider price tag before ENERGY STAR certification. Human nature being what it is, they choose the cheaper model even if it costs … [Read more...]

Reports of Clean Energy’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

By Guest Blogger Stephen L. Cowell October 31, 2011 If the notion "he who lives by the subsidy dies by the subsidy" is true, then oil, gas and nuclear companies must be dying a thousand deaths. "A Sad Green Story," the recent New York Times article by David Brooks, is way off the mark with where we need to go as a country and as an entire … [Read more...]

Voters of All Political Parties Support Clean Energy Part 2

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters continues her interview with Graham Richard, CEO of the Advanced Energy Economy Institute, about new surveys showing most voters support clean energy as a key to economic growth.   Voters of All Political Parties Support Clean Energy Part 2] … [Read more...]

What political party do your electrons support?

By Elisa Wood October 20, 2010 Lucky for Americans, information technology doesn’t appear to be owned by any one political party. If it were, Congress would still be squabbling over whether or not to support the Internet and you’d be reading this on paper rather than online. Not so for energy.  Generally speaking, Republicans tend to be … [Read more...]

Using car talk to sell home energy upgrades

By Elisa Wood September 29, 2010 Does the word ‘audit’ give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? Not likely. Yet it’s typically the first service an energy efficiency contractor offers to a prospect. Sometimes the audit is even free, much like the unwelcome kind we receive from the IRS. Use of words like ‘audit’ ‘retrofit’ and ‘weatherize’ turn off … [Read more...]

Move over Star Trek: Here comes Energy

By Elisa Wood September 22, 2010 Remember when the idea of generating electricity from wind turbines and solar panels seemed really cool? No denying their benefits, but they are sooo last year. Energy folks have gazed with envy at those who work in telecommunications for a long time. They invented the cell phone. Energy wanted its own … [Read more...]

Time to come clean on energy subsidies?

By Elisa Wood What you don’t know will hurt you. That’s the message in Michael Lewis’ new book, “The Big Short,” which traces today’s worldwide economic downturn to a single problem: the secretive nature of prices in the subprime mortgage bond markets. What’s this got to do with energy? Our industry has its own opaque corners that can cause … [Read more...]