Clean Power Plan Could Unshackle Energy Efficiency Market, Says Report

Look for new players, new programs and an expanding energy efficiency market if the Clean Power Plan goes forward as drafted. So says a new report by the Analysis Group, which examines whether states can meet the energy efficiency targets set out by the Environmental Protection Agency. The report concludes that the states can meet the targets -- … [Read more...]

New York Shows Itself as Microgrid-ready for Climate Week

New York did not disappoint.  The state showed off its green energy cred in a big way this week as hundreds of thousands of climate marchers made their way through Manhattan, and United Nations members convened to talk about greenhouse gas emission goals. With the spotlight on for ‘Climate Week,’ New York produced several pieces of green energy … [Read more...]

New Climate Assessment Is Wake-Up Call About Need for Energy Efficiency

The federal government's new climate assessment  should serve as a wake-up call that spurs policymakers to promote energy efficiency and microgrid development. The report, based on information from more than 300 experts, summarizes scientific research about the very real threat of climate change, bringing home its point with many recent examples … [Read more...]

Massachusetts and Microgrids: "Going Backwards Is Not an Option"

Ann Berwick makes clear that big change is afoot when asked about Massachusetts and microgrids. The chair of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities says that utilities better prepare as the new world of distributed energy emerges. Unless they find new ways to make money, “somebody is going to supplant them," she … [Read more...]

Americans ARE Worried about Climate Change – They Just Don't Realize It

In a recent report, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a group of the world’s top scientists, broke down the tangible impacts of climate change now, and what it could look like in the future if we don’t reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. To say the least, the world’s top scientists are concerned. Contrast this concern … [Read more...]

Accelerating Energy Innovation To Get More Bang For the Buck

Should we spend $100 billion to develop technology that could eliminate global warming? That’s the figure that many cite as the necessary investment. Or should we find a way to get more bang for our buck? Go for the bang, says Lewis Perelman, author of the ebook, “Energy Innovation: Fixing the Technical Fix.” Perelman’s bio suggests he’s a guy we … [Read more...]

CO2 Emissions, Storms, and High Tides

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters interviews John Englander, author of the book, “High Tide on Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis.” He explains why it's so critical to curb carbon dioxide emissions. More storms like Sandy and higher sea levels are ahead, he says.   CO2 Emissions, Storms, and High Tides] Follow our … [Read more...]

Will public support for efficiency continue?

By Elisa Wood March 4, 2010 What’s the shelf life of today’s support for energy efficiency technologies? The industry has seen an unprecedented boom over the last several years. But all booms eventually bust. A recent souring of public opinion about global warming science has some industry insiders bracing for impact. Will American enthusiasm … [Read more...]

Efficiency left out of cap and trade

By Elisa Wood October 15, 2009 Waxman/Markey’s climate change bill is about 1,400 pages.  Its length and complexity, alone, provides fuel for its opponents.  Would it stand a better chance of enactment if it encompassed less? For example, would it have been wiser if Congress pursued cap and trade one year and a renewable energy standard another? … [Read more...]

Energy Tax Credits and the Devil in Congress

By Elisa Wood October 2, 2008 It is difficult to get beyond the hyperbole of the election season to uncover a candidate’s true position. The non-partisan Pew Center on Global Climate Change performed a service with a recently released just-the-facts guide on the energy platforms of the presidential contenders … [Read more...]