How a Small Connecticut Town and its Utility Are Building a Microgrid: Part 1

Microgrid developers do not have the luxury of well-beaten paths to follow; the industry is too new. Thus, developers are hungry for road maps.  And the state of Connecticut is busy creating some of those maps with 11 projects that were awarded more than $23 million in state grants. Connecticut was the first state in the nation to offer such … [Read more...]

States Lead on Microgrids…California, Connecticut, Maryland (Part 1)

Certain states lead on microgrids when it comes to sorting out policies and regulation.  Here we look at what California, Connecticut and Maryland are doing to  move the microgrid market forward.  This article series is based on’s report: Think Microgrid, available here.  In the U.S., electricity is governed mostly at … [Read more...]

Why Insiders are Bullish on Microgrid

Microgrids are coming to the US, but they face some significant roadblocks. What’s driving the sudden upswing in their development? And what’s getting in the way? A panel of microgrid experts tackled these questions last week at the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) BuildingEnergy 14 conference in Boston. Ed Krapels, founder of … [Read more...]