Connecticut Figures Out Microgrids (And Helps the Rest of Us) Part 2

The microgrid industry is new enough to be something of a wilderness. Policymakers aren't always sure which way to turn to encourage its development. In the U.S., the state of Connecticut is serving as a guide. Well before SuperStorm Sandy -- the event that brought microgrids to the fore -- Connecticut had microgrid incentives in the works. Now, … [Read more...]

Microgrid Growth: How Far, How Fast Since Superstorm Sandy?

When massive storms hit, we get religion. Superstorm Sandy was that kind of storm. States along the US East Coast emerged from the wreckage two years ago this week with a new devotion to creating a more resilient electric system. Where the central grid failed, microgrids kept the lights on. So government leaders, businesses, and even some … [Read more...]

Protecting Connecticut Citizens from Outages With Microgrids

Connecticut has seen its share in recent years of severe weather events that have sparked outages – one, in fact, that left numerous residents in the dark for days. The state sees microgrids as a way to provide a "baseline level of safety and security." How is the state funding its microgrid program and what are its plans for the future? Listen to … [Read more...]

Connecticut: Next Top Dog for Energy Efficiency?

Connecticut is back. Or at least it intends to be soon. The state that was once a leader in energy efficiency – but later lost its luster to neighboring Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont – has big plans for 2014. Dan Esty, commissioner of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, recently outlined the strategy to … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Markets chooses its favorites of 2008

By Reid Smith January 8, 2009 We appreciate the entries submitted for Energy Efficiency Markets’ first annual ‘best of’ contest. It is difficult to select winners in an industry that is burgeoning with innovation. We hope you find our selections as intriguing as we did. Please continue to email us ( about interesting … [Read more...]