Supreme Court Hands Demand Response a Big Legal Win in Market Battle with Generators

The U.S. Supreme Court handed demand response a big legal win today in a landmark battle over making energy savings as valuable in wholesale markets as energy production. The high court decision removed a lower court ruling that had threatened to stymie use of demand response, a mechanism where energy users are paid to reduce consumption when the … [Read more...]

The Supreme Court and Order 745: a High-Stakes Chance for a Clean Energy Do-Over

NRDC's Allison Clements explains why it's crucial that the Supreme Court set the course straight for demand response, as it takes up FERC Order 745 this week. The U.S. Supreme Court tomorrow (Oct. 14, 2015) will hear highly anticipated oral arguments over the future of demand response in wholesale energy markets - and the Court's decision in the … [Read more...]

U.S. Supreme Court Announcement Encouraging for Clean Energy and Our Pocketbooks

Clean energy won a victory today when the Supreme Court said it will review a decision that has put a damper on demand response. NRDC's Allison Clements explains what the decision means, its history, and what's next. The U.S. Supreme Court announced today it will review a lower court decision that had erected a major roadblock to using demand … [Read more...]

Ontario Issues 100 MW Demand Response Solicitation for Pilot Project

Ontario has issued a 100-MW demand response solicitation for a pilot project that that will be operated by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). The pilot project will attempt to uncover benefits of demand response beyond those already known. The program specifically will try to show how demand response can provide services now … [Read more...]

New Development in Demand Response Ruling Signals Possible Supreme Court Review

Is debate over FERC's legal authority to regulate demand response headed to the Supreme Court?  Michael Panfil, of the Environmental Defense Fund, explains what recent action by the  Solicitor General may foretell.  Late last week, the Solicitor General signaled its intention to file cert. before the Supreme Court in the demand response Order … [Read more...]

How Microgrids Earn Revenue and Serve the Central Grid

Grid-connected microgrids earn revenue by selling what are known as 'ancillary services' to the central grid. These services help keep power flowing in a stable fashion. Offering these services makes a microgrid valuable well beyond the buildings it powers. The microgrid becomes an asset to society at large. Read more in the following excerpt from … [Read more...]

Behavioral Demand Response: How to Really Get Homeowners to Save Energy on the Coldest (and Hottest) Days

How can utilities really get homeowners to save energy during periods of peak demand? A new study on behavioral demand response offers some surprising findings. The program cost less than traditional demand response, and yet yielded more savings – up to five percent peak reduction. Opower's Kevin Hamilton explains why in this podcast with energy … [Read more...]

How Utilities Can Unlock the Full Potential of Residential Demand Response

More and more, utilities are choosing demand response (DR) as a way to balance grid operations, lower energy prices for consumers, and integrate renewable resources like solar power. Utilities have traditionally relied on large commercial customers to achieve those results. Yet residential customers represent a huge, untapped DR resource. The … [Read more...]

Demand Response – An Effective Program To Reduce Costs And Help The Environment

Imagine getting paid, or otherwise compensated, for not using energy! It’s a reality these days, and it’s known as demand response. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission defines demand response as “actions voluntarily taken by a consumer to adjust the amount or timing of his energy consumption.” More utility companies offer demand response … [Read more...]

The Virtual Power Plant: Invisible but Growing

Virtual power plants may be invisible, but we are going to increasingly feel their influence worldwide within the decade, according to findings by Navigant Research. A recent report by the research firm says that virtual power plant (VPP) capacity will quintuple, producing 28,000 MW by 2023, up from from 4,800 MW this year.  This means growth in … [Read more...]