Microgrids Made Easier: How Hoboken is Creating a Resilient Microgrid… and How Your City Can Too

Out of the Hoboken, N.J. microgrid project comes a toolkit that other cities and towns can use to green -- and keep greening -- a community microgrid. Here's the story of how the toolkit came to be and what it offers communities. In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer knew it was not a matter of if there would be another … [Read more...]

Energy Giants Form Low-Carbon Microgrid Group in Advance of UN Climate Talks

Seven major energy companies joined forces in South Africa yesterday to drive low-carbon microgrid development in advance of United Nation climate talks scheduled for December. Formed September 4 in Johannesburg, the microgrid working group includes ABB, Alstom, EDF, Engie (previously GDF Suez), Eskom, First Solar and Schneider Electric. The … [Read more...]

Law Would Double Building Energy Efficiency, Create 50% Renewables in California

California state lawmakers are considering bills that would double building energy efficiency, increase demand response, enhance renewables, cut oil use and reduce greenhouse gases. Lauren Navarro of the Environmental Defense Fund provides details. California is deep into the dog days of summer, and pressure is mounting on the state’s electric … [Read more...]

Coast to Coast and Across the Electric System, Microgrids Provide Benefits to All

Microgrids force us to confront certain questions, says EDF's Dick Munson.  Will we support the status quo of centralized, monopoly-owned power plants or embrace innovation and competition?  Microgrids are getting a lot of attention. Yet how they’re developed could dramatically alter today’s electricity system. At the most obvious level, … [Read more...]

Solar Power and Equity: Time to Face Facts

Is the renewable energy boom reaching low-income communities? Maybe it's time to have 'the talk' about solar power and equity, says EDF's Jorge Madrid.    We need to have “the talk” about solar power and equity, because ignoring uncomfortable questions will invite misinformation and bad decisions. We need an informed dialogue about how local solar … [Read more...]

How To "Credential" Energy Efficiency Projects for Investors Part 2

How do you "credential" energy efficiency projects for investors and what are the benefits? Matt Golden, director of the Investor Confidence Project for the Environmental Defense Fund, answers these questions in this podcast, Part 2 of our interview with him about building investor confidence in energy efficiency. … [Read more...]

Building Investor Confidence in Energy Efficiency Projects Part 1

The Investor Confidence Project provides energy efficiency standards that serve as the "logo in the lobby," building investor confidence in much the same way the LEED program standards and certification build confidence in projects, says Matt Golden, director of the Environmental Defense Fund's Investor Confidence Project in this podcast, which is … [Read more...]

New Development in Demand Response Ruling Signals Possible Supreme Court Review

Is debate over FERC's legal authority to regulate demand response headed to the Supreme Court?  Michael Panfil, of the Environmental Defense Fund, explains what recent action by the  Solicitor General may foretell.  Late last week, the Solicitor General signaled its intention to file cert. before the Supreme Court in the demand response Order … [Read more...]

Demand Response in California Gets a Big Boost From New Bill

Demand response in California will be considered one of the top choices for meeting the state's resource needs, thanks to the approval of a bill, SB 1414, awaiting the governor's signature. Once again, the state leads the way in energy efficiency — and hopefully, other states will follow, focusing on the many benefits of meeting load with demand … [Read more...]

Upholding FERC Order 1000 Unlocks Efficiency and Spurs Clean Energy Solutions

FERC Order 1000, which opens the way for more clean energy, is in the news again following a favorable court ruling.  EDF's Michael Panfil explains. Late last week, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed an important Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order, giving the Agency a big win and aiding in the promise of a cleaner, smarter, … [Read more...]