Our Own Energy “Island”? ORNL Microgrid Could Standardize Small, Self-sustaining Electric Grids

Researchers at the ORNL microgrid are working on standardizing microgrid communications and systems. ORNL's Katie Elyce Jones provides insight. When Department of Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) researcher Yan Xu talks about “islanding,” or isolating, from the grid, she’s discussing a fundamental benefit of microgrids—small … [Read more...]

Everyone Knows You Except for Your Electric Utility

By Elisa Wood Netflix, you were right. I liked Downton Abbey. And thanks, Amazon I do want to read Michael Lewis’ new book. I still can’t figure out how Google knows I have a new dog. Even if at times it feels a bit eerie, such ‘consumer-of-one’ marketing is a convenience many of us have come to appreciate. And it’s an approach now embraced by … [Read more...]