Fixing people, not just buildings

By Elisa Wood December 7, 2011 Electric utilities operated under a rarified business model for decades. Their customers were captive so they rarely had to think about what motivated them to buy. New government energy efficiency mandates have changed that, and done so with an ironic twist. Now utilities must figure how to get their customers to … [Read more...]

EE Important to 95% of Americans, But…

Lisa Cohn of interviews Chris Hartmann, executive vice president and CEO of Rexel Holdings USA, one of the world2019s largest electrical distributors, about an international study that showed 95% of Americans consider EE an important issue. However, fewer Americans have taken action than people in Europe. What motivates … [Read more...]

What motivates consumers to use less energy part 1

Lisa Cohn of interviews Susan Mazur-Stommen, director of the Behavior and Human Dimensions Program for ACEEE, about her plans to radically change our programs for motivating people to conserve energy.   What motivates consumers to use less energy part 1]   … [Read more...]

Time to change habits, as well as light bulbs?

By Elisa Wood November 16, 2010 We are bombarded daily by advertisements selling us soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, cars, insurance, junk food, teeth whitener, diet programs, and on and on. But when was the last time someone tried to sell you on using more electricity? I cannot think of a single commercial that encourages us to plug-in, even … [Read more...]