Desert Year:$3 Trillion Thought Experiment for Rio+20

By Skip Laitner Guest blogger, Energy Efficiency Markets Reposted from Real Climate Economics June 13, 2012 Because I roam the desert a lot, the UV Index is something I pay attention to.  It is an international standard that measures the strength of ultraviolet radiation from the sun at a given time and place. Canada was the first to adopt such … [Read more...]

Opportunities for energy innovators

By Elisa Wood February 8, 2012 For a long time ‘clean’ and  ‘green’ marked the forward trend in the energy industry. Then came the quest for ‘smart’ energy.  And now ‘innovation’ is the buzzword. It’s easy to see why.  As Americans, we believe our ability to innovate sets us apart in today’s international market.  Sure China can manufacture … [Read more...]

Desert Year: Robust Economy and Lessons of the Sonoran Agave

by Skip Laitner Guest Blogger, Energy Efficiency Markets Reposted from Real Climate Economics August 17, 2011 John ‘Skip” Laitner is an economist, enjoying a desert year while on research sabbatical  from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Skip is discovering some surprising insights from his time in the desert that can inform … [Read more...]

Has the clean energy economy arrived?

By Elisa Wood June 18, 2009 We’ve seen many forecasts that show the clean energy industry boosting future US job growth. But a Pew Charitable Trust study released last week indicates that green job creation isn’t just a thing of the future; it’s been emerging for several years. From 1998 and 2007, clean energy jobs increased by 9.1%, while total … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for the Next US Industrial Boom

By Elisa Wood September 4, 2008 Selling large manufacturers on energy efficiency isn’t easy, even though they stand to achieve great bang for the buck. Manufacturers are apt to only consider efficiency improvements as part of a major plant expansion or improvement. Such capital expenditures tend to occur in a cyclical fashion, and manufacturers … [Read more...]