New York: Getting the Price Right for Energy Efficiency

New York officials are scrutinizing the cost of energy efficiency – especially when it’s needed fast – as they prepare for the possible shutdown of a nuclear plant. Energy efficiency insiders will want to keep an eye on this public service commission proceeding for two reasons. First, it offers a potential 100 MW in business opportunity. Second, … [Read more...]

What stops banks from lending to energy efficiency projects?

By Elisa Wood November 8, 2012 Four years after the US credit market crashed, energy efficiency projects continue to struggle to secure financing. What’s the problem? A slow economy, of course. But when it comes to energy efficiency – and on-site renewable energy – the problem runs deeper. It’s not lack of interest in green energy. To the … [Read more...]

The Advantages of On-Bill EE Financing

Lisa Cohn of interviews Catherine Bell, senior economic analyst at ACEEE and author of a new report from ACEEE about financing EE using a number of methods, and having these financing costs included in utility bills. She describes growth in on-bill financing, advantages, and ACEEE's recommendations for boosting the use of … [Read more...]

EE Financing Heats Up Part 2

Lisa Cohn of continues her interview with Michael Butler, chairman and CEO of Cascadia Capital, about the return of the financing market for sustainable industries. EE software companies and lighting companies are among the winners. "The second quarter was a banner quarter," he says. EE financing heats up part 2]   … [Read more...]

How to make energy efficiency affordable

By Elisa Wood January 19, 2011 Energy efficiency is a tortoise in the green energy race. Not glamorous like solar, wind or smart grid, it tends to plod along in the back of the pack, attracting little media attention. But being last can be a good thing; you learn from the frontrunners. Such is the case when it comes to financing. EE is beginning … [Read more...]

EE funding: The cascade begins

By Elisa Wood March 25, 2010 It’s been a heady time for the energy efficiency businesses, with the federal government last year announcing financial support never before seen by the industry. But months after the initial hoopla many of the smaller companies – which make up a large swath of the marketplace – say they still have not seen dollars … [Read more...]