Energy efficiency: Big deals and new ideas

By Elisa Wood January 9, 2013 The economic premise behind energy efficiency –  that it’s cheaper to save a unit of energy than to make one – has caught on in the US.  Energy efficiency spending is up, and our energy use is declining, measured both per capita and per dollar of gross domestic product, according to government figures. So it is not … [Read more...]

Trends in Energy Efficiency in 2012 Part 1

Lisa Cohn of interviews Gary Fromer, senior vice president of demand response for Constellation Energy, about growing efficiency/electricity usage trends in 2012. Trends in Energy Efficiency in 2012 Part 1 ] … [Read more...]

Northeast US a smart energy testing ground

By Elisa Wood August 19, 2010 Ben Franklin’s saying, “Out of adversity comes opportunity” seems to characterize the energy sector in US Northeast. Electricity rates are among the nation’s highest. Population density leaves scant room for new power plants and transmission lines.  And the region has little indigenous generation fuel. So what’s the … [Read more...]