Everyone Knows You Except for Your Electric Utility

By Elisa Wood Netflix, you were right. I liked Downton Abbey. And thanks, Amazon I do want to read Michael Lewis’ new book. I still can’t figure out how Google knows I have a new dog. Even if at times it feels a bit eerie, such ‘consumer-of-one’ marketing is a convenience many of us have come to appreciate. And it’s an approach now embraced by … [Read more...]

Video reveals the truth about smart grid

By Elisa Wood August 1, 2012 We don’t think about energy until something goes wrong, and this week things went wrong on an historic level. As a result, the public and pundits are again focusing on the fragility of big electric grids. Ten percent of the world’s population – more than 600 million people – lost their power in India on July 31, … [Read more...]