Energy efficiency: Big deals and new ideas

By Elisa Wood January 9, 2013 The economic premise behind energy efficiency –  that it’s cheaper to save a unit of energy than to make one – has caught on in the US.  Energy efficiency spending is up, and our energy use is declining, measured both per capita and per dollar of gross domestic product, according to government figures. So it is not … [Read more...]

Energy innovation: Snails and Griddies

By Elisa Wood May 31, 2012   Ask most people to describe vanguard energy technology, and they’ll name LED lights, certain forms of solar energy and new electric storage methods. But how about this – generating energy from a living body? The Journal of the American Chemical Society is reporting a “real-life scientific tail of the first … [Read more...]

Move over Star Trek: Here comes Energy

By Elisa Wood September 22, 2010 Remember when the idea of generating electricity from wind turbines and solar panels seemed really cool? No denying their benefits, but they are sooo last year. Energy folks have gazed with envy at those who work in telecommunications for a long time. They invented the cell phone. Energy wanted its own … [Read more...]