Coast to Coast and Across the Electric System, Microgrids Provide Benefits to All

Microgrids force us to confront certain questions, says EDF's Dick Munson.  Will we support the status quo of centralized, monopoly-owned power plants or embrace innovation and competition?  Microgrids are getting a lot of attention. Yet how they’re developed could dramatically alter today’s electricity system. At the most obvious level, … [Read more...]

Can California Double Efficiency of Existing Buildings?

Can California double the efficiency of existing buildings? Lauren Faber, West Coast political director for the Environmental Defense Fund, describes California's new package of bills aimed at fighting climate change, including an effort to double the energy efficiency of existing buildings. … [Read more...]

How To "Credential" Energy Efficiency Projects for Investors Part 2

How do you "credential" energy efficiency projects for investors and what are the benefits? Matt Golden, director of the Investor Confidence Project for the Environmental Defense Fund, answers these questions in this podcast, Part 2 of our interview with him about building investor confidence in energy efficiency. … [Read more...]

Building Investor Confidence in Energy Efficiency Projects Part 1

The Investor Confidence Project provides energy efficiency standards that serve as the "logo in the lobby," building investor confidence in much the same way the LEED program standards and certification build confidence in projects, says Matt Golden, director of the Environmental Defense Fund's Investor Confidence Project in this podcast, which is … [Read more...]

New Development in Demand Response Ruling Signals Possible Supreme Court Review

Is debate over FERC's legal authority to regulate demand response headed to the Supreme Court?  Michael Panfil, of the Environmental Defense Fund, explains what recent action by the  Solicitor General may foretell.  Late last week, the Solicitor General signaled its intention to file cert. before the Supreme Court in the demand response Order … [Read more...]

Finding Common Ground on Pricing Clean Energy Resources in California

Would pricing clean energy through a 'smart home rate'  work? James Fine, EDF's senior economist, describes the intriguing possibility being explored in California. Industrial and environmental stakeholders are usually portrayed as adversaries. But one exciting example from California proves there can be another side to that story. San Diego Gas … [Read more...]

Dear Utilities, Change or Get Dumped

Like many relationships, the one between utilities and their customers can be complicated. Sure, they’ve been together for decades, but no longer are customers satisfied with a distant, disengaged power company selling them more and more megawatts. As the utility business model evolves into one based on diverse energy services, utilities must find … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency is Key to Achieving Carbon Pollution Standard

Right now, there are no limits on carbon pollution from power plants, even though these facilities were responsible for roughly 40 percent of all U.S. carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2012. That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is crafting greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations for new fossil fuel-fired power plants by setting a limit on … [Read more...]

Why Investors Are Wary of Energy Efficiency and What Will Boost their Confidence

  If public enthusiasm were money, the energy efficiency industry would be loaded with capital. From world leaders to celebrities to the common folk, everybody champions saving energy these days. Unfortunately, public enthusiasm isn’t what attracts money; investor confidence does. And despite all of the public support for energy … [Read more...]

A New Day for Energy Efficiency in North Carolina

The North Carolina Utilities Commission issued an important ruling this week that reaffirms the importance of energy efficiency as the fastest and cheapest way to reduce pollution from fossil fuels, protect the health of our families and promote our economy. The ruling approved a new “shared savings" program that allows Duke Energy to make … [Read more...]