Which Do You Like Better: Clean Energy & Your Money or PJM's Proposed Capacity Market Reforms?

Imagine the Lord of the Rings gone wrong. That's how NRDC's Jennifer Chen describes PJM's proposed capacity market reforms, designed in reaction to last winter's Polar Vortex. by Jennifer Chen, NRDC In response to last winter’s Polar Vortex, which stressed much of our nation’s power grid, PJM, the grid operator for 61 million customers in 13 … [Read more...]

The Battery That’s Bringing Clean Energy to PJM’s Grid Part 2

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters.com continues her interview with Tom Granville, CEO of Axion Power, about how the company's battery is bringing clean energy to PJM's grid, stabilizing the grid, and supporting PJM's demand-response programs. The efforts have been helped by a new FERC rule.   The Battery That's Bringing Clean Energy to PJM's … [Read more...]