Energy Storage Conference Turnout Reflects Industry Growth

Energy Storage North America (ESNA) last week experienced record attendance and a sold-out exhibition floor, reflecting the growth in the industry and all the benefits of energy storage. Attending were more than 1,300 people from 26 countries, 50 exhibitors, and nearly 110 speakers. "Energy storage is a game changer for the electric power system, … [Read more...]

Legislation That Boosts Energy Storage and Self Generation

California is a leader in boosting energy storage and self generation for commercial and industrial energy users with its Self Generation Incentive Program. Other states are expected to follow, says Vic Shao, CEO of Green Charge Networks in this podcast interview. Keep an eye on New York, New England, Texas and Hawaii. … [Read more...]

Using Energy Storage to Flatten Peaks and Save Money

What's one way to avoid high peak usage charges? Vic Shao, CEO of GreenCharge Networks, says in this podcast interview that energy storage can solve the problem, especially when it's combined with predictive analytics. By predicting peak usage, and using energy storage to change energy usage during peak usage, customers can save money and utilities … [Read more...]

Why America Needs to Stop Arguing about Light Bulbs

Light bulbs sound like an innocent enough topic. And yet, during last week’s Congressional budget debate, light bulbs spawned a ferocious debate.  One side claimed that the government was “coming for your light bulbs” while the other side fought to pour millions into phasing out incandescent bulbs in favor of their more energy-efficient … [Read more...]