What Investors Look For In Digital CleanTech Part 1

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters interviews Rachel Barge, partner at Greenstart, a seed investor for cleantech startups, about its latest round of funding--and what the company seeks in cleantech software companies.   What Investors Look For In Digital CleanTech Part 1 ] … [Read more...]

Desert Year: Why Is It So Hard to Care?

By Skip Laitner Guest blogger, Energy Efficiency Markets Reposted from Real Climate Economics March 21, 2012   Why is it so hard to care about snakes? Or the desert? The climate? And especially the environment more generally? This time the snake was real.  Right there on the side of the road.  Some evenings ago, however, in the waning hours of … [Read more...]

Clean energy: How much hot air?

By Elisa Wood February 1, 2012   NewScientist’s January 28 issue is likely to unsettle clean energy advocates – but it is worth the read. The cover article, “Power paradox: Clean might not be green forever,” posits that even renewable energy can warm the planet, and eventually change climate, if we continue to ratchet up power production to … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency and the Solyndra effect

By Elisa Wood September 21, 2011 Not so long ago the green energy movement celebrated because President Obama used words like ‘renewable energy’ and ‘climate change’ in his inaugural speech. It was a first for a US president. Now comes the downside of being a political darling. Opponents of green energy – or rather opponents of its proponents – … [Read more...]

Define ‘green’ please

By Elisa Wood July 27, 2011 Describing a building as ‘green’ makes a lot of people cringe. The word is overused. And what does it mean exactly? Serious efforts are underway to move away from the hype and offer a more specific analysis of a building’s energy performance. Think nutritional labels for food, except in kilowatt-hours instead of … [Read more...]

What political party do your electrons support?

By Elisa Wood October 20, 2010 Lucky for Americans, information technology doesn’t appear to be owned by any one political party. If it were, Congress would still be squabbling over whether or not to support the Internet and you’d be reading this on paper rather than online. Not so for energy.  Generally speaking, Republicans tend to be … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency: Not a Sound Bite Business

By Elisa Wood I’m a star at the neighborhood playground because I write about energy. Let me explain. I have a young son, and often find myself next to the swings talking with other parents. Inevitably we talk about work. Inevitably it comes up that I know a little about energy. And inevitably I'm surrounded by a crowd that wants to know-- demands … [Read more...]