Where to find jobs in energy efficiency

By Elisa Wood July 13, 2011 Here’s something you don’t hear people complain about much these days: worker shortages.  That is, unless you’re in energy efficiency, an industry that is booming as others are busting. Sixty percent of those responding to a recent survey by the Association of Energy Services Professionals cited a lack of talented … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency: The unsung hero of our times

Guest blog By Steve Cowell January 5, 2010 As our economy continues to sputter, one little-noticed industry has been booming for a while now: energy efficiency. The sector is hiring like crazy -- a fact that speaks volumes about the close relationship between clean energy and the economic recovery that we're all waiting for. Energy efficiency … [Read more...]

Wanted: GOLD for smart grid

By Elisa Wood April 8, 2010 As John McDonald tells it, smart grid needs GOLD. And he’s not talking money. GOLD stands for Graduates of the Last Decade, the technology savvy, risk-taking engineers and technicians who may be among the greatest benefactors of the new smart grid movement. While most recent college graduates face dismal employment … [Read more...]