EV Chargers Plus Energy Storage Equals Multiple Benefits

EV chargers plus energy storage are expected to lower demand charges and avoid utility-funded infrastructure upgrades in a pilot program in Hawaii. In the pilot, a partnership among Hawaiian Electric (HECO), the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Greenlots, a 50-kW fast charger for EVs is coupled with energy storage at a HECO site that … [Read more...]

Will We Soon Be Negotiating Over Who Gets To Charge an EV First?

We don't negotiate with our neighbors over who gets to run their dishwashers or clothes dryers first. We don't negotiate with them over who gets to turn their lights on, or blow-dry their hair first. But, at some point in the future, we may be negotiating over who gets to charge an EV first. Here's why: Charging an EV can really strain a … [Read more...]

When EV Charging is Too Popular, These Standards Can Help

BC Hydro expects that in the near future, it will experience problems meeting the demand from consumers to charge their electric vehicles during peak hours. In a new project, the company has partnered with Greenlots to create standards that will allow for smart grid innovation and solutions to challenges like BC Hydro's. … [Read more...]