Calling For Net-Zero Commercial Buildings

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters interviews Richard Kadzis, editor of Leader Magazine for CoreNet Global, an association for corporate real estate executives that is calling for net-zero commercial buildings. As part of the effort, CoreNet will share the results of AT&T's efforts to retrofit its 150 million square feet of buildings … [Read more...]

Know true costs; Save real energy

By Guest Blogger Kara Saul Rinaldi November 30, 2011 More than half of the states in the nation have created programs to increase the energy efficiency of homes through a comprehensive approach that looks at all opportunities to save energy, from insulation to upgrading heating and cooling systems. When taxpayer and ratepayer dollars are used, it … [Read more...]

Energy heads home in 2011

By Elisa Wood December 15, 2010 I have three predictions for 2011. When it comes to energy policy, austerity will be in. Therefore, energy efficiency will become a favored choice among mayors, governors, state lawmakers and Congress, as government becomes increasingly edgy about the cost of renewable energy. The infamous leaky home will … [Read more...]

How efficiency makes solar affordable

By Reid Smith October 27, 2010 When solar energy companies think about how to reduce the cost of their product, typically a lot of time and money goes toward increasing the efficiency of solar panels and their manufacturing process. Reducing the production cost decreases the final cost the consumer will have to pay. However, few solar … [Read more...]

What energy efficiency type are you?

By Elisa Wood July 29, 2010 Not so long ago, consumers seemed to like energy efficiency just a little bit more than going to the dentist. Clearly that has changed, as evidenced by the recent run on appliance and home retrofit subsidies in several states. Greens are no longer alone in swooning over front loader washing machines and geothermal … [Read more...]

No place like home for energy savings

By Elisa Wood November 12, 2009 Apparently there is no place like home, even when it comes to fulfilling lofty wishes like fixing our energy supply. A recent White House task force on the middle class finds that our homes generate more than 20% of the nation's carbon dioxide emissions. If we make our houses more efficient, we can significantly … [Read more...]

Using electricity to save the planet

By Elisa Wood July 9, 2009 When it comes to energy efficiency, it used to be the big guys that mattered. Policymakers and market leaders focused on manufacturers, refiners and others that gobbled up lots of kilowatt hours. It’s not surprising. Manufacturers create bang for the buck. Better motors, refrigeration or combined heat and power can … [Read more...]