Microgrid Growth: How Far, How Fast Since Superstorm Sandy?

When massive storms hit, we get religion. Superstorm Sandy was that kind of storm. States along the US East Coast emerged from the wreckage two years ago this week with a new devotion to creating a more resilient electric system. Where the central grid failed, microgrids kept the lights on. So government leaders, businesses, and even some … [Read more...]

Podcast: What Microgrids Need From Policymakers Now

What do microgrid developers need from policymakers now? Rob Thornton, president and CEO of IDEA, explains in this podcast how Hurricane Sandy made microgrids "cool." But regulations and policy still stand in the way of realizing the many benefits of microgrids, which can provide reliable power, especially during storms like Sandy. Mayors, … [Read more...]

What We Heard You Say…This Week’s Best and Worst Quotes about Energy Efficiency

Interesting quotes about energy efficiency we picked up this week. Best And we wonder why things go wrong. "Energy markets 'were physically designed by reliability engineers, intellectually designed by economists, and all disputes are resolved by lawyers.'” Robert Curry Jr., a former member of the New York State Public Service Commission in the … [Read more...]