Ontario Microgrids & Smart Energy Get $24M Funding Boost

Ontario continues to show itself as smart energy leader, this time by channeling $23.7 million into 17 projects that promote microgrids, energy storage and other efficient and reliable electric technologies. The province has gained an international reputation in recent years for its aggressive clean energy moves. Among other things, it has … [Read more...]

Schneider and Siemens Lead the Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) Market

Schneider Electric and Siemens lead the building energy management systems (BEMS) market, according to a recent report by Navigant Research. More than 400 companies now provide the energy management software for buildings, according to the report. Competition is fierce, says Navigant, and companies in the $2.4 billion market range from industry … [Read more...]

Looking for Smart Grid Funding? Consider Ontario

Energy insiders have been talking up 'smart grid' for about a decade, but most regular people still don't recognize the term – unless they're from Ontario, that is. Smart grid awareness runs high in the Canadian province because almost every household and business there now has a smart meter – 4.7 million in total. And Ontario’s government isn’t … [Read more...]

The utility of the future? Think shopping mall

By Elisa Wood April 1, 2010 The energy world is about to turn upside down. With the coming of smart grid, the electricity consumer becomes the electricity seller; the passive home appliance becomes the active energy manager; the grid repairman becomes the grid itself. Such an upheaval means that the energy world needs to start thinking about a … [Read more...]

Next: The wattcom boom

By Elisa Wood June 11, 2009 I was at a meeting about three years ago where state energy commissioners and power plant developers were debating new market rules, some to take effect almost immediately, others five years out. A wise commissioner looked around the room and said something like: “All that matters are the immediate rules because … [Read more...]

Profile of a White Tag Project

By Lisa Cohn September 18, 2008 Few topics we write about here draw as much attention as energy efficiency certificates. After we mention the certificates, we inevitably receive inquiries from data centers or other large energy users, who want more information. The certificates also are called “white tags,” a term trademarked by marketer Sterling … [Read more...]