Want to Learn about the Future of Energy? Ask Those Already Living it

A lot of people are wondering where the fast-changing energy industry is heading. But some already are living the future of energy, and they will gather in St. Paul, Minnesota next week to share their experience and insight. About 800 energy leaders from 22 countries are expected to attend “Embracing Change,” the 107th annual conference of the … [Read more...]

Microgrid Moves: Kotch Exits NY Prize; IDEA Enters Microgrids

Micah Kotch received more than one ovation for a job well done at the Microgrid Knowledge conference last week, after announcing that he will be stepping down as director of NY Prize. Kotch has been the pivotal figure in the emerging microgrid market, shepherding the ambitious $40 million NY Prize through its first stage. The competition has … [Read more...]

Why Microgrids? Why Now?

You’re already managing a big facility. Why add responsibility for operating a miniature power grid, too? Edward (Ted) Borer, energy plant manager at Princeton University, explains why microgrids are so important to facility owners who want to save money, reduce emissions and keep the lights on during storms. BY DEFINITION First, let’s agree … [Read more...]

Organizations Sign International MOU to Boost District Energy and Combined Heat and Power

District energy and combined heat and power received an international boost with a recent agreement between the International District Energy Association (IDEA) and key organizations in Korea, China, Europe and the Mongol Government. US-based IDEA signed the memorandum of agreement with the Korea District Heating & Cooling Association, the … [Read more...]

Two More Good Reasons for Community Microgrids

Community microgrids keep the lights on during a crisis, as well as strengthen the central grid, as we described in last week's article in this series. Here are two more good reasons for community microgrids, excerpted from our new report, “Community Microgrids: A Guide for Mayors and City Leaders Seeking Clean, Reliable and Locally Controlled … [Read more...]

Four Good Reasons for Community Microgrids

It is clear why city leaders are turning their attention to community microgrids. Energy is the lifeblood of any contemporary community, and severe storms in recent years have revealed the vulnerability of the central grid. The American electorate knows this and is concerned. In a March 2015 Gallup poll 88 percent of those surveyed described … [Read more...]

Wasted Heat: The New Icon of the Carbon Reduction Era?

The light bulb left burning in the empty room stands as the classic image of energy waste. But the new image may soon be steam wafting on a city skyline, as district energy advocates step up their efforts to make known the big cost to society of wasted heat. That’s one of the messages emerging this week at IDEA2015, the International District … [Read more...]

What are Advanced Microgrids? A Primer for Communities Considering Local Energy

What are advanced microgrids, exactly, and why are they becoming so important to the electricity grid? Here is a primer excerpted from MicrogridKnowledge.com's new report, "Community Microgrids: A Guide for Mayors and City Leaders Seeking Clean, Reliable and Locally Controlled Energy." Microgrids have received heightened attention in recent years … [Read more...]

Boston: A Model for the Emerging Distributed Energy Paradigm

Boston is a city at the forefront of district energy and combined heat and power use. So it’s a fitting gathering spot for government and industry leaders next month who will look at the paradigm shift from central generation to distributed energy. IDEA2015, a conference sponsored by the International District Energy Association June 28-July 1, … [Read more...]

Microgrid Policy, Benefits to be Explored This Week at IDEA’s Campus Energy 2015

Microgrid policy will be among topics discussed at a special workshop offered during this week's Campus Energy 2015, held by the International District Energy Association in Denver, Colorado. The February 10 workshop, “Microgrids and Electrical Distribution Systems,” will focus on policy, benefits, industry vocabulary, measurement and metrics, … [Read more...]