Why Energy Efficiency in California — and Everywhere Else — Needs Fixing

Energy efficiency in California just took a turn for the better. But to understand why it's better, you first have to understand why  programs in energy efficiency in California and everywhere else need fixing, says Matt Golden, principal, Efficiency.org. Recently, SB 350 in California doubled the state's energy efficiency goals, which is … [Read more...]

Software Helps Attract $150 Million for Microgrid Developer

ASI Energy, a microgrid developer that created Energize Ithaca, a nodal microgrid that will help power a district energy system in downtown Ithaca, is backed in part by a $150 million investment fund. How exactly was the company so successful in attracting investors for projects like its nodal microgrid project, which brings together solar … [Read more...]

Major Players Work to Boost Investor Confidence in Energy Efficiency

Several leading companies have signed on to boost investor confidence in energy efficiency through the Investor Confidence Project. Their participation is expected to ultimately increase investments in efficiency. The Environmental Defense Fund's Investor Confidence Project assembles existing standards and practices into a consistent process. The … [Read more...]

Why Investors Are Wary of Energy Efficiency and What Will Boost their Confidence

  If public enthusiasm were money, the energy efficiency industry would be loaded with capital. From world leaders to celebrities to the common folk, everybody champions saving energy these days. Unfortunately, public enthusiasm isn’t what attracts money; investor confidence does. And despite all of the public support for energy … [Read more...]

What We Heard You Say…This Week’s Best and Worst Quotes about Energy Efficiency

Interesting quotes about energy efficiency we picked up this week. Best Straight Talk   Why EE needs  business model innovation “The first thing to recognize is that energy efficiency on a retrofit basis has been a colossal failure since 1975. To suggest that energy efficiency, even though it pays for itself, has really caught on is simply not … [Read more...]