Think Microgrid: How the Technology Has Changed its Stars

This is the first in a series of articles from our new "Think Microgrid" special report. Microgrids have been around for decades; in fact, configurations that look much like microgrids go back to Thomas Edison’s time. But for most of their history, microgrids operated as a niche technology, workable and financially feasible mostly on college … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Markets Launches Microgrid Knowledge Newsletter

Microgrids are coming, and we believe they will reshape the US grid and electric markets. So, today we are launching Microgrid Knowledge, a new weekly newsletter that will follow the microgrid industry as it emerges, grows and prospers. It’s an exciting story, one that we’re eager to tell, and in fact have been telling for several months on … [Read more...]

Join Our New Group on LinkedIn: Microgrid Knowledge

We’re hearing about the emerging microgrid market at almost every turn. Major players are quickly moving into the microgrid space: engineering firms, energy service companies, power plant and transmission developers, manufacturers, control technology companies and others. They see a strong need for this technology in the US. Microgrids solve a … [Read more...]

Joule Assets Part 2: How to Achieve the Real Potential of Microgrid

Two topics keep cropping up in our conversations with energy efficiency insiders: 1) Joule Assets' new investment fund 2) Microgrid. So we recently brought the two together by asking Joule Assets CEO Mike Gordon about the investment potential for microgrid. Joule Assets made headlines in January with the launch of its $100 million Energy … [Read more...]