Will New York Turn the Electric Power Industry Upside Down?

The electric power industry has been undergoing a metamorphosis for decades. And now at last it appears we will get a glimpse of the new, highly efficient creature. Expect the first sighting to be in New York. New York leaders and stakeholders have been hard at work in recent months on a plan called Reforming the Energy Vision, or REV. And on … [Read more...]

Google and Microgrids: Most Read Articles on EnergyEfficiencyMarkets.com

Smart thermostats catch your attention, or at least Nest does. Microgrids interest you too. That's what we learned about you, EnergyEfficiencyMarkets.com readers, based on your visits to our site in the first six months of 2014 The most read article for the first half of this year was Google and Nest: What the $3.2 Billion Deal Says about Energy … [Read more...]

Why Microgrids Need Standards and Who’s Providing Them

No standards exist for microgrids that address reliability, connection to the grid, efficiency and other issues, says Michael Overturf, CEO of ZF Energy Development. His firm has partnered with the Perfect Power Institute to provide LEED-like standards for these facilities, located in campuses, medical facilities, industrial plants and other areas. … [Read more...]

The Power of Pooled Microgrids

A microgrid by itself offers great advantages. But what if we pooled microgrids? Terry Mohn, CEO of General MicroGrids and chairman of the Microgrid Alliance (MGA), offered the vision of pooled microgrids during the 2014 Microgrid Workshop offered May 19 by the Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid. Together, these pooled microgrids … [Read more...]

A Signal that the Microgrid Market is about to Pop

To the consumer, the microgrid market will simply appear one day. Like the IPhone or the Kindle or solar panels, it will be the latest cool wonder of our high tech society. But those behind the scenes know that most products are many years in the making. Electricity innovation is no different, except perhaps that industry gestation requires a … [Read more...]

Think Microgrid: How the Technology Has Changed its Stars

This is the first in a series of articles from our new "Think Microgrid" special report. Microgrids have been around for decades; in fact, configurations that look much like microgrids go back to Thomas Edison’s time. But for most of their history, microgrids operated as a niche technology, workable and financially feasible mostly on college … [Read more...]

Podcast: What Microgrids Need From Policymakers Now

What do microgrid developers need from policymakers now? Rob Thornton, president and CEO of IDEA, explains in this podcast how Hurricane Sandy made microgrids "cool." But regulations and policy still stand in the way of realizing the many benefits of microgrids, which can provide reliable power, especially during storms like Sandy. Mayors, … [Read more...]

Massachusetts and Microgrids: "Going Backwards Is Not an Option"

Ann Berwick makes clear that big change is afoot when asked about Massachusetts and microgrids. The chair of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities says that utilities better prepare as the new world of distributed energy emerges. Unless they find new ways to make money, “somebody is going to supplant them," she … [Read more...]

New Microgrid Alliance Forms…Second in Recent Months

A new microgrid advocacy group, the Microgrid Alliance (MGA), has formed to offer a voice to the growing microgrid industry. The group announced its formation and initial membership on May 12. This follows the formation of another microgrid advocacy group, the Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC), in February at an International Energy District … [Read more...]

New York “REVs” Up Microgrid with Big Plan

A microgrid here, a solar panel somewhere over there, a little energy efficiency throughout. That’s been the kind of electric grid revolution we’ve seen so far – a leaves-floating -in-the-wind sort. But no more. At least not in New York. The bellwether state last week put forward a declaration that at last gathers the disparate pieces into … [Read more...]