All-in-one Solution for Microgrids: The Orchestra’s Conductor

ABB's Fabio Monachesi explains what an all-in-one solution for microgrids can achieve -- the kind of efficiency a conductor brings to an orchestra. Microgrids are localized low-voltage energy networks that can connect to the main grid or can operate as islands. Being low voltage makes them ideal for use with renewables, loads and energy storage … [Read more...]

What do Uber and Airbnb Have in Common with Clean Energy and Microgrids?

EDF's Peter Sopher draws parallels between the rise in new enterprises like Airbnb and Uber and the trend toward clean energy and microgrids. Both are creating disruption in old ways of doing business and giving consumers more control. ‘Disruptive’ is a favorite word among entrepreneurs and innovators, but start-up companies like Airbnb and Uber … [Read more...]

Global Energy Leaders to Gather in Boston for IDEA2015

Global energy leaders from North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East will come together in Boston in June for the International District Energy Association’s 106th annual conference and trade show. Scheduled for June 28-July 1, the international forum will focus on shaping the next generation of energy for cities, as the utility industry … [Read more...]

California Gov. Brown Pushes Microgrids…PG&E Seeks Energy Storage

California Gov. Jerry Brown pushed microgrids and a doubling of energy efficiency in buildings, in his inaugural speech this week. Brown also wants to increase the state’s renewable portfolio standard from 33 percent to 50 percent. The governor described an emerging distributed grid that will help the state reduce greenhouses gases. “I … [Read more...]

Why the Time is Right for Microgrids

The time is right for microgrids. And it's not just to protect our power supply from severe storms, as our new Think Microgrid report explains. Here's an excerpt.  It wasn’t just the severity of Superstorm Sandy (See related article) that led to today’s new emphasis on grid resiliency and microgrids; it was also the timing. A convergence of other … [Read more...]

How Should We Define Microgrids? As Energy Efficiency or Some other Animal?

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy does not consider microgrids when it ranks states each year on energy efficiency polices. Microgrids would benefit from being included. State leaders exhibit quite a bit of pride in a high ranking on the scorecard; it’s a good motivational tool to encourage effective energy efficiency policy and … [Read more...]

The Role that Lighting Controls Play in Microgrids

By Andy Wakefield, Lutron Electronics The Challenge The smart grid, a reference to the modernization of the national electricity supply system, is an automated electric power system that monitors and controls grid activities, ensuring the two-way flow of electricity and information between power plants and consumers—and all points in … [Read more...]

What We See in Microgrids…from the Editors of Microgrid Knowledge

Welcome to Microgrid Knowledge, the first independent, international news and feature site dedicated solely to microgrids. We suspect you are here because you see what we see. The era of the microgrid has arrived – and more quickly than some expected. Why is this a great time for microgrids? New to microgrids? Check out Microgrids 101: A … [Read more...]

Industry Insiders _Not_ Surprised that Utilities Like Microgrids

So it turns out that utilities like microgrids, contrary to the notion – almost lore – that they dread them as economic disruptors or technical headaches. In fact, utilities view microgrids as a business opportunity. That was the finding of a recent project that I had the pleasure of working on with the nice folks at Utility Dive, who surveyed … [Read more...]

The Connection between Microgrids and Energy Efficiency

Microgrids and energy efficiency go hand-in-hand, explains Jean Redfield, president and CEO of NextEnergy. Historically, our electric grid is powered by large central station power plants that distribute energy to end users through the use of transmission and distribution lines. However, steady advancements in distributed energy generation … [Read more...]