If You Had Five Minutes to Talk Alone with Obama on Energy: Rocky Mountain Institute

What would you say if you had five minutes alone with Obama on energy?  EnergyEfficiencyMarkets.com asked Jules  Kortenhorst, CEO of the Rocky Mountain Institute, in the first article of this occasional series.   What energy idea would you discuss with Obama if you had five minutes alone with him? What argument would you use to win him over to the … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Investment Shows Pay Off in New England Forecast

By increasing energy efficiency and demand response, we decrease the need to build new power plants.  That’s the theory. And  it’s proving true in New England, with the region's efforts to save energy beginning to show some real impact. ISO New England forecasts that energy efficiency will cancel out demand for new power over the next ten years in … [Read more...]

How many negawatts do I need before I retire?

By Elisa Wood December 3, 2009 A candy shop owner on Cape Cod offers a new approach to build a retirement portfolio: put solar panels on your roof. “We looked at the stock market last year and it didn’t look too good so we decided to invest in electricity,” said Ray Hebert, owner of Stage Stop Candy in Dennisport, in an article on … [Read more...]

Negawatts Beat Megawatts in New England

By Lisa Cohn Energy efficiency advocates have argued for years that a negawatt is cheaper than a megawatt. That is, it is less costly to install energy efficiency equipment and reduce consumption than to build new power plants. In New England, the premise was recently tested, and the results should hearten anyone in the efficiency business. ISO … [Read more...]