Electrical Equipment Manufacturers See a Future in Microgrids

A new report from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association details why there's a future in microgrids for association members--and everyone else. "Powering Microgrids for the 21st-Century Electrical System," lays out the business case for microgrids, identifies the technological advances that will increase microgrid use, and provides a … [Read more...]

Manufacturers See Growing Use of Sophisticated Microgrids. Urge White House to Speed the Trend

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association says it envisions growing use of sophisticated microgrids and is urging the White House to take action to speed the trend. NEMA described what it sees ahead for microgrids and other modern energy technologies in recent comments on the Quadrennial Energy Review. President Barack Obama initiated … [Read more...]

Microgrids:  Pursuit of a Public Good

Ryan Franks, of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, explains why microgrids are a public good and how NEMA is working to overcome challenges to their development. There is a philosophical way to think about the contribution microgrids can make to the world: that electricity can be thought of as a public good much like public … [Read more...]