The Time Has Come to Gauge the Financial Risk of a Major Grid Cyberattack: Lloyd’s

A massive grid cyberattack may sound like the stuff of an apocalyptic movie. But for insurance giant Lloyd’s the prospect carries enough probability to carefully weigh the financial risk. The cost? As much as $1 trillion if hackers take down just 50 generators out of 700 in 15 states within the Eastern Interconnection, according to a study by … [Read more...]

Which Do You Like Better: Clean Energy & Your Money or PJM's Proposed Capacity Market Reforms?

Imagine the Lord of the Rings gone wrong. That's how NRDC's Jennifer Chen describes PJM's proposed capacity market reforms, designed in reaction to last winter's Polar Vortex. by Jennifer Chen, NRDC In response to last winter’s Polar Vortex, which stressed much of our nation’s power grid, PJM, the grid operator for 61 million customers in 13 … [Read more...]

Electricity use falls because of efficiency

By Elisa Wood October 30, 2008 Electricity sales can gauge the national economic health. An ailing economy uses less electricity because is produces fewer goods and services. Sometimes, however, electricity sales fall for a good reason – efficiency. Such is the case in the United States, according to a recent statistics released by the North … [Read more...]