Another Win for Princeton Power Systems with NYC Energy Storage

Princeton Power Systems has hit it out of the park again with another high visibility project, this time in Manhattan where energy storage will be installed in luxury buildings and then aggregated to bolster the electric grid. The project will use the GTIB-100 bi-directional converters produced by the New Jersey-based company, which designs and … [Read more...]

Microgrid Growth: How Far, How Fast Since Superstorm Sandy?

When massive storms hit, we get religion. Superstorm Sandy was that kind of storm. States along the US East Coast emerged from the wreckage two years ago this week with a new devotion to creating a more resilient electric system. Where the central grid failed, microgrids kept the lights on. So government leaders, businesses, and even some … [Read more...]

New York Wants to Cut its $500 Million Energy Bill. Can You Help?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to reduce energy use 20 percent in public building and trim the state's $500 million annual energy bill. This represents a big opportunity for those who work in commercial retrofits, lighting, heating and cooling, monitoring, metering, and related energy efficiency sectors. Where to begin? Take a look at a … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency prospects: What to watch

By Elisa Wood February 6, 2012 Events unfolding in two US Northeast states – New York and Massachusetts – signal increased business opportunity for energy efficiency companies, green architects, lighting contractors, smart grid innovators and others in the business of saving energy. First, the energy efficiency world should keep an eye on debate … [Read more...]

How to Find “White Tag” Markets

By Elisa Wood Doing business in the US can be a crazy venture if you’re an international company trying to make inroads. Europeans often say it’s like learning the rules of 50 different countries. This is because important energy policy decisions are often made by state governments. It looks like the emerging “white tag” market for energy … [Read more...]