Con Edison Looks to Distributed Energy Resources to Boost Revenue

Consolidated Edison plans to test new utility revenue streams by boosting customer use of distributed energy resources, as part of Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). Under Con Edison’s “Connected Homes” REV Demo Project, the utility wants to increase the use of distributed energy resources and energy saving products. The utility will use Opower's … [Read more...]

The Wow Factor About the Value of Demand Response in Two States

J.R. Tolbert says he knew a recent report about the value of demand response in Massachusetts and Illinois would show positive benefits. But when the senior director of state policy at the Advanced Energy Economy saw the numbers in AEE's new report,"Peak Demand Reduction Strategy," he was wowed by the savings reaped in the two states. "When I … [Read more...]

‘Global Warming’ Leaves Americans Cold…and More Quick Energy Efficiency News for this Week

Quick energy efficiency news for this week… We’ll have to ditch the terms “global warming” and “climate change” if we want to advance U.S. energy and environmental policy. Research presented in the book, Cheap and Clean: How Americans Think About Energy in the Age of Global Warming, conducted in conjunction with the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), … [Read more...]

Opower, Nest are Winners in Home Energy Management

Opower and Nest are leading the growing market in home energy management, says a new report by Navigant. The market sputtered at first, but gained momentum in 2014, says Neil Struther, principal research analyst with Nagivant in this podcast. "It has gained momentum because Opower, Nest, Honeywell and others have seen a fairly competitive market … [Read more...]

Opower, Philips and Enel Named to Fortune's Change the World List

Three energy companies, Opower, Philips and Enel, made Fortune's first “Change the World” list -- 50 companies deemed leaders in innovation and social good by the business publication. The list also included such giants as Google, Facebook, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Twitter, and Kickstarter. Fortune cited Opower's influence bringing … [Read more...]

Quick Energy Efficiency News…Making Money on Home Demand Response…Fuel Cell Deals…Opower’s Latest Update

A tariff change at the PJM Interconnection will create a new way for residential demand response to earn revenue in the wholesale market, effective this week. The change means that residential demand response resources can now participate in PJM’s synchronized reserve market. Demand response company Comverge helped win the change by providing … [Read more...]

Quick Energy Efficiency News: Cool Stuff from NRG & Ice…Cement, Steel and Energy Savings…Massachusetts Behaves…NY Goes Solar

The energy storage deals keep coming in California, a state that requires utilities secure 1.3 GW of the resource by 2020. The latest pairing is between NRG Energy, a megasize generation and innovation company and Ice Energy, a technology leader that uses ice to provide energy storage. NRG and Ice Energy will supply 25.6 MW of behind-the-meter … [Read more...]

Who Says You Can't Change People's Energy Behavior?

Just a few years ago the idea of changing energy behavior was viewed as quirky. The thinking was: Forget it, people ignore energy, they’re not going to remember to shut off the lights no matter how much you cajole, flatter or worry them. But companies like Opower, and a growing number of energy behaviorists, are figuring out the psychology behind … [Read more...]

Saving Energy: I’ll Do it My Way

Saving energy used to be about not forgetting to flip the switch when you left the room. But those days have gone the way of the land line and video store. Today saving energy isn’t so much about you remembering something, but your utility remembering something about you. Utilities are finally getting into the game, already figured out by Amazon … [Read more...]

People Power Pilot Yields Up to 10 Percent Energy Savings By Changing Behavior

In a pilot program from People Power, a new mobile app, "Presence," being tested in Hawaii, is yielding surprising energy savings--9 percent to 10 percent --by motivating people to change their energy use behavior. That's nearly three times higher than the energy savings reaped by Opower's program, also designed to change consumers' behavior, said … [Read more...]