A Grocery Store 'GPS' That Cuts Energy Consumption

Contributing writer Cara Miale Goman takes us inside a supermarket in France where a kind of LED-based navigator cuts energy consumption and creates personal shopping maps for customers. Ever feel like your trips to the grocery store are more like an episode of Supermarket Sweep? From the disorienting buzz of the fluorescent lighting to the … [Read more...]

We're Getting the Egg Boiled, But World Energy Productivity Still Soft

So we’re getting the egg boiled, but oh at what a cost. That’s the message from a new report that ranks countries on energy productivity. The bottom line is that the world is doing a pretty poor job when it comes to using energy as cost-effectively as possible. Issued by Philips, the “2015 Energy Productivity and Economic Prosperity Index" finds … [Read more...]

Energy Poverty Becomes Focus as UN Kicks Off 'International Year of Light'

The United Nations today kicked off the International Year of Light, an educational campaign aimed at highlighting the economic and health importance of light technologies. Light poverty affects about one-fifth of the world’s population and leads to 1.5 million deaths from use of kerosene and candles that cause fires and respiratory illness, … [Read more...]

Why We Hate Monday Mornings? Philips Reveals it May be the Quality of our Lighting  

Have you ever wondered why you always hit the snooze button for an extra 15 to 30 minutes of sleep in the morning? A whitepaper by Royal Philips  has compiled insights from over 10 years of ongoing research on the effect of light on our sleep/wake cycle or circadian rhythm. It reveals that the amount and quality of light you are exposed to every … [Read more...]

Some ‘Oh Wow’ Facts on Energy Efficiency from EE Global

EE Global in Washington, D.C. showcased some big energy efficiency innovations last week. Here's a rundown... Brainy light bulbs. Refrigerators that heat dishwasher water. Elevators that use no more energy than toasters. These are just a few of the “Oh Wow’ topics last week at the annual EE Global conference. But it was growth in cities – and … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Micronews: Schneider Electric, Montgomery County, Philips, ForceField Energy

This week in energy efficiency news... Schneider Electric was nominated for a BCTIA Technology Impact Award for its construction of a high-power MicroGrid Lab in Burnaby to facilitate the design and testing of Schneider Electric's revolutionary SE1 1500V platform for utility-scale solar plants. More about Schneider Electric's … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency MicroNews: Navigant Research, Philips, Eaton, Greensmith

This week in energy efficiency news… Eaton launched its Intelligent Mobile Power Distribution System, a microgrid management solution engineered to enhance the efficiency, reliability and safety of military forward operating bases. The new system can transform independently operating generators into a demand-managed microgid. This can reduce … [Read more...]

Seriously? Light Bulb Politics Again?

If you thought that politicizing the light bulb was over, think again.  Congress included a rider in this week’s $1.1 trillion budget deal that undercuts light bulb standards. The rider would block the Department of Energy from enforcing the standards  – which did not originate with President Barack Obama, as some mistakenly believe, but in fact … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency MicroNews: New Motor Efficiency Standards, DOE Money, ThinkEco, EnerNOC, Philips, Desso and More

The US Department of Energy proposed new motor efficiency standards just in time for Thanksgiving.  This is something to feast on, says Andrew deLaski of the Appliance Standards Awareness Project in his blog.  Power motors are responsible for about half of the electricity used by U.S. industry. The proposed standards are expected to save … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency MicroNews: Philips, The Department of Energy, Axion Power, Panasonic, Larson Electronics, Tecogen, Clevest Solutions, U.S. General Services Administration Energy Division

This week in energy efficiency news… Philips signed a ten-year performance lighting contract with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to upgrade the lighting in 25 parking garages. The upgrade includes over 13,000 lighting fixtures that will be converted to a custom-designed LED lighting solution and will reduce energy usage … [Read more...]