Energy efficiency & the rebound effect: Neither big nor bad

By Elisa Wood August 8, 2012 Now that you’ve installed efficient light bulbs in your house, do you think: “Guess I’ll leave my lights on all night. What the heck – it won’t cost me any extra.” Probably not.  But some extreme critics of energy efficiency would have us believe this is the end result of appliance standards and energy savings … [Read more...]

The Rebound Effect: Does Energy Efficiency Actually Lead to More Energy Use?

By Elisa Wood You’re about to buy a computer, and you see that newer models are more energy efficient than your old one. That’s great news! Now you can leave it on all night, saving the bother of powering it up in the morning. Maybe you’ll end up using a few more watts, but who’s counting? Maybe no one – but perhaps someone should. This phenomenon … [Read more...]