Energy efficiency: Cure for mortgage meltdown?

By Elisa Wood October 7, 2010 My first reaction was that the Alliance to Save Energy was stretching a bit by titling its October 6 talk: “Is energy efficiency the key to recovery from the recession?” But after hearing David Goldstein’s presentation, I must admit I’m thinking about energy efficiency in a whole different way. Goldstein, author of … [Read more...]

Did energy cause this mess?

By Elisa Wood March 11, 2010 Much of today’s economic debate boils down to these questions: How did we get in this mess?  And how do we get out? Two recent studies implicate the energy industry as a cause and a solution. While our economic tumble is clearly linked to an inflated housing market and overly-hedged financial products, we cannot … [Read more...]

How well is clean energy weathering the recession?

By Elisa Wood March 5, 2009 The clean energy industry may not be popping the champagne cork, but it is at least holding the bottle in hand. While not unscathed by the recession, the industry sees growth in several sectors, according to recent reports. For example, use of smart meters—a key technology for better energy management and efficiency – … [Read more...]