What Ecova’s Acquisition of Retroficiency Says about Disruptive Energy

If you’re wondering if there really is a business case for disruptive energy, look no further than Retroficiency’s story. The small Boston-based energy analytics company announced last week that it has been acquired by Ecova, a major U.S. energy efficiency player that serves 50 utilities and has delivered 108 terawatt hours of energy savings over … [Read more...]

Retroficiency Finds Large Energy Efficiency Potential in NYC Buildings; National Model Could Avoid New Utility Infrastructure

New analytics out from Retroficiency show that energy efficiency in buildings can bring Consolidated Edison half way to its goal of deferring construction of a 52-MW substation in the Brooklyn/Queens area. The Brooklyn/Queens Demand Management Program has become the focus of industry attention nationwide, as New York pursues an innovative approach … [Read more...]

Saving Energy in Boston: What the City’s ‘DNA’ Reveals

Saving energy in Boston -- or any other city -- is less mysterious if you understand the overall DNA of its buildings, markers that show how they use electricity and heat. That’s the idea behind Retroficiency’s Building Genome Project, which today released a DNA mapping of 16,800 commercial buildings in Boston. What’s fascinating -- and … [Read more...]

What the New Federal Carbon Dioxide Rule Means for Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency advocates have argued for years that energy efficiency should be a first fuel – considered before others in portfolio planning.  Today, they appear victorious with the release of the US' first-ever carbon dioxide restrictions for existing power plants. The draft rule places energy efficiency in good position to be a top choice as … [Read more...]

Green Cities: It’s All in the DNA

We’ve made major strides in medicine by mapping the human genome. Now a Boston-based data analytics company has set out to do the same for our buildings. Like humans, buildings have a kind of DNA, markers that provide indicators about their energy health, such as age of construction or type of heating equipment. “Think of a giant decision tree. … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency MicroNews: Retroficiency, PSNH, Plug Power

Retroficiency announced that Con Edison is using its Virtual Energy Assessment solution across thousands of buildings in New York City. With Virtual Energy Assessment, Con Edison will be able to target commercial and multi-family buildings with the greatest savings potential and engage customers with energy efficiency opportunities. Retroficiency … [Read more...]

Another Fed Agency Chooses the Virtual Energy Audit: Market Disruption Ahead?

Can the virtual energy audit replace the conventional physical audit? Pose that question among energy efficiency professionals and watch the fur fly. EnergyEfficiencyMarkets.com recently asked Brian Wright, a senior mechanical engineer at the General Services Administration, why the federal agency chose the virtual approach for 300 buildings in a … [Read more...]

You Are What You Read? The Stories EnergyEfficiencyMarkets.com Readers Liked Best in 2013

Here’s what we can guess about you, our audience, based on the stories you read the most this year on EnergyEfficiencyMarkets.com. You’re intrigued by up-and-coming concepts and technologies. The counter-intuitive draws your attention, as do emerging trends and young and rising companies. You’re looking for news not easily found elsewhere that … [Read more...]

Retroficiency Wins Military Contract for Virtual Energy Assessment

Retroficiency, a Boston-based company pioneering the virtual energy assessment model, continues to expand, now with a large US military contract. The military often serves as an early adopter that brings new energy technologies to scale. The Army and Navy contract with Retroficiency for 640 on-site energy audits signals growing interest in big … [Read more...]

Top Energy Management Executives Weigh in on Industry Growth

Matthew Cohen of Direct Recruiters interviews Dennis Quinn of Joule Assets and Richard Huntley of Retroficiency. Q&A In a recent Joule Assets press release, it was stated that the small to midsize EE market is going through a transformation thanks to financing vehicles. Can you elaborate on this? Dennis Quinn: What we see, Matthew is with … [Read more...]