RMI: What it Will Take to Improve Energy Access and Security

Laurie Guevara-Stone, writer/editor for the Rocky Mountain Institute's Solutions Journal, interviews RMI trustee Maria van der Hoeven about energy access and security -- two critical global issues. A member of RMI’s Board of Trustees since October 2015, Maria van der Hoeven has had a long career working on challenging modern energy issues. She … [Read more...]

Accelerating Access to Sustainable Electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Claire Henly and Kelly Carlin describe how the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is creating access to sustainable electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa -- and challenges that stand in the way.A team from Rocky Mountain Institute is working in sub-Saharan Africa to address barriers to sustainable electricity access. Since September of last year, we have … [Read more...]

Time is Running Out. Take the Microgrid Knowledge Survey Today

Curious about what’s ahead for microgrids? Us too. So we’ve put together a microgrid survey to get a sense of the industry's future. Please give us 10 minutes (or less) to answer the questions. And in return we'll be sure you are among the first to receive the tallied results. The Microgrid Knowledge 2016 survey. The Microgrid Knowledge … [Read more...]

RMI: Live from the E-Lab Accelerator—The Path to Energy Resilience

The Rocky Mountain Institute's Kelly Vaughn describes cutting-edge energy resilience projects displayed at this year's 'boot camp for electricity innovation.'  re·sil·ience: The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Energy resilience means … [Read more...]

Follow the Microgrids: Grid Transformation and the Exelon/Pepco Merger

If you want to track electric grid transformation, follow the microgrids. That was one of the lessons quietly underscored by the otherwise noisy regulatory review of the Exelon/Pepco utility merger, according to Rachel Gold, a senior associate at the Rocky Mountain Institute. When the $6.8 billion Exelon/Pepco merger closed last month … [Read more...]

Water Heaters: As Sexy as Tesla?

Soon our water heaters may give us a lot more than hot showers.  New technology lets water heaters provide services to our electric grid. Margaret McCall of the Rocky Mountain Institute explains how. Of all the new tech emerging on the energy landscape, water heaters seem an unlikely contender. Alongside battery players like Tesla, with its Model … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain Institute's 12 Clean Energy Developments of 2015

It was a good year for clean energy development, says the Rocky Mountain Institute's Laurie Guevara-Stone. Here are a dozen reasons why. From a global climate accord to major domestic progress on the renewables front, 2015 was a great year for clean energy. As the 12 days of Christmas concludes today, January 5, here are—fittingly—12 things we saw … [Read more...]

Studies Examine the Value of Microgrids After Earthquakes in San Francisco

The Rocky  Mountain Institute is studying the value of microgrids after earthquakes in San Francisco, focusing on creating a network of microgrids that would protect critical resources and serve as emergency centers. In this podcast interview (click on the player above), Koben Calhoun, a manager at RMI, and Leia Guccione, also a manager at RMI, … [Read more...]

New Rocky Mountain Institute Report: Renewable Microgrids

A new casebook by the Rocky Mountain Institute profiles renewable microgrids on islands and remote communities across the globe. RMI's Kaitlyn Bunker, Kate Hawley and Jesse Morris offer details. The livelihoods of individuals and families living on islands and in remote communities across the globe are directly tied to the availability and price … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain Institute: San Francisco Prepares for the Big One with Microgrids

A team brought together by the Rocky Mountain Institute looks at how to build microgrids that could keep the lights on following earthquakes in San Francisco or other cities throughout the United States.  RMI's Laurie Guevara-Stone explains. In late March 2015, RMI hosted the second annual eLab Accelerator (applications are now being accepted … [Read more...]