Helping Consumers Understand the Value of Smart Meters

Utilities understand the value of smart meters, but consumers still don't get it. Marcus Scheiber of ROC-Connect explains how to persuade consumers to adopt smart meters. As cities across the United States continue to introduce smart meters, consumer adoption and satisfaction are keys to making a successful transition to the smart grid. Utilities … [Read more...]

What Utilities Should Do with Smart Meter Data

Utilities could be doing more with smart meter data in ways that help consumers cut their electricity use. In this podcast, Nat Treadway, managing partner, Distributed Energy Financial Group (DEFG), explains the problem and says that utilities could offer consumers daily energy use summaries, plus incentives for reducing their energy consumption. … [Read more...]

Do Smart Meters Provide Criminals with a Route into Homes?

Smart meters can give – and are giving – criminals a route into people's homes, says Tom Kellermann, chief cybersecurity officer at Trend Micro. While the frequency of incidents in small now, it's expected to increase. He explains in this podcast what needs to be done to prevent the problem. … [Read more...]

New York Utility Seeks Approval to Offer Microgrid Subscriptions

Central Hudson Gas & Electric is seeking approval to offer microgrid subscriptions, as part of a $46 million rate hike request filed with state regulators July 25. The New York utility would design, build and operate microgrids at the request of customers, who would pay a fee for the service on their utility bills. The fee would be … [Read more...]

Looking for Smart Grid Funding? Consider Ontario

Energy insiders have been talking up 'smart grid' for about a decade, but most regular people still don't recognize the term – unless they're from Ontario, that is. Smart grid awareness runs high in the Canadian province because almost every household and business there now has a smart meter – 4.7 million in total. And Ontario’s government isn’t … [Read more...]

The App for Unused iPhones That Helps Save Energy

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters interviews Gene Wang, CEO of People Power, about a new APP that targets 50 million unused iPhones, turning them into wireless web cameras and remote assistants.   The App for Unused iPhones That Helps Save Energy] Follow our podcast feed or find us on itunes. … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Meter Data Management Part 2

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters continues her interview with Norm Daigle, executive vice president at Harris Utilities SmartWorks, about the benefits of meter data management and customer engagement programs. The company has gained 53 new utility customers in the past three years, 20 of which were added in the past year.   The Benefits of … [Read more...]

Changing the energy game with the ‘power of one’

By Elisa Wood May 23, 2012 Who among us has not eagerly described the smart meter to a non-energy person only to be greeted by a blank stare, or worse the retort: “Why would I want to track my electricity costs all day?” You try to explain the profound applications: smart appliances that talk to the power grid, consumer clubs that sell energy … [Read more...]

Will cyber-sensitives reveal the future of energy efficiency?

By Elisa Wood February 29, 2012 The US economy is three times larger than China’s, yet when it comes to developing a clean energy industry, China keeps besting us. The US came in second – again – to China this quarter in Ernst & Young’s much-watched renewable energy ranking released February 28. But there is one clean energy segment where … [Read more...]

Why Google and Microsoft Pulled out of EE Part 2

Lisa Cohn of continues her interview with Gene Wang, CEO of People Power, which provides cloud-based energy management software and hardware to electronic device manufacturers and service providers. He offers opinions about why Google and Microsoft have pulled out of the energy management business and talks about his company's … [Read more...]