Why Google and Microsoft Pulled out of EE Part 1

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters.com interviews Gene Wang, CEO of People Power, which provides cloud-based energy management software and hardware to electronic device manufacturers and service providers. He offers opinions about why Google and Microsoft have pulled out of the energy management business and talks about his company's strategy in this … [Read more...]

Your electric meter: A villain or hero?

By Elisa Wood February 23, 2011 Before energy became a hot topic, no one cared about the electric meter.  It was the box on the house we all ignored except the guy from the utility who dodged the barking dogs to take a reading from it once in awhile. It is a sign of our times that this box now inspires enough emotion for people to take to the … [Read more...]

Smart meters: Truly a cure for energy blindness?

By Elisa Wood July 1, 2010 And now for a dose of reality. No doubt smart meters are a good thing, but even their most ardent fans must admit that a degree of hoopla surrounds these little digital boxes. We hear that if consumers can just see how much power they use in real time, and what it costs, our energy woes will be no more. Smart meters … [Read more...]

The utility of the future? Think shopping mall

By Elisa Wood April 1, 2010 The energy world is about to turn upside down. With the coming of smart grid, the electricity consumer becomes the electricity seller; the passive home appliance becomes the active energy manager; the grid repairman becomes the grid itself. Such an upheaval means that the energy world needs to start thinking about a … [Read more...]

Is green energy our new plastics industry?

By Elisa Wood December 17, 2009 If The Graduate were written today, Mr. McGuire’s career tip to Benjamin probably would have been “green,” rather than “plastics.”  But it’s likely Benjamin would have responded in the same quizzical way: “Just how do you mean that, sir?” It was difficult to envision the vast number of new products, businesses and … [Read more...]

Googlifying the electric grid

By Elisa Wood February 12, 2009 If you showed Alexander Graham Bell cell phone towers, he’d be stumped. But if you let Thomas Edison tinker with our electricity grid, he’d know just what to do -- not because of his genius, but because electric transmission has changed little since Edison’s day. Telephone technology advanced; electricity did not. … [Read more...]