Federal energy stimulus: The check is in the mail

By Elisa Wood March 26, 2009 Energy efficiency companies waiting for federal stimulus money probably feel like they are being told, “The check is in the mail.” It is supposed to arrive, but when? The federal government will channel a large pot of the money through state agencies, so it is wise to keep an eye on announcements by governors and state … [Read more...]

$3.1 billion for state energy efficiency programs – Just one catch

By Patrick Costello, guest contributor March 19, 2009 The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act promises to advance the U.S. energy efficiency movement with an unprecedented $26 billion infusion of funds. Of that, $3.1 billion goes to state energy efficiency programs through the Department of Energy’s State Energy Program. Great news, right? … [Read more...]

How US businesses can access federal stimulus money

By Elisa Wood March 11, 2009 I thought that “federal stimulus” would be high on Google’s hit list. But alas, when I checked its analysis of hot trends yesterday, I discovered that “Rockin’ Robin” is number one. Thanks to American Idol this 1950s song dominates the search engine. Bringing more music to the ears of business owners, however, is … [Read more...]