Utilities: Count The Environmental Effects, Please, with Integrated Resource Planning

Utilities: Pretty please. Be sure to use integrated resource planning when strategizing about your resource acquisitions. In the US and abroad, such planning will boost energy efficiency, lower costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower fuel-price volatility risks for utilities and consumers, use less land—because fewer power plants will be … [Read more...]

Big Data Helps Utilities Target Commercial Customers

Big data analytics have shown great value for financial and ecommerce industries. However, utilities may be in the best position when it comes to leveraging big data analytics to find commercial and industrial prospects with the best potential for energy savings. The US spent about $400 billion on energy for its Commercial and Industrial (C&I) … [Read more...]

Business Intelligence for utilities: Five planning strategies

By Chris Lewis Guest blogger, Energy Efficiency Markets March 28, 2012 Business Intelligence is not a new concept to utilities, as the analysis of data is as entrenched in every utility as the concept of providing safe, reliable and affordable power. However, the unique challenge facing utilities today is that there is exponentially more data, … [Read more...]

Congress Feels No Pain

By Elisa Wood July 31, 2008 A big question often asked by energy analysts is: How high must energy prices be to motivate customers to change their behavior? We are beginning to think that the more perplexing matter is just how much do we pay before Congress reforms its behavior. Prices are plenty high enough to encourage customers to conserve. … [Read more...]