How the Best States Support Energy Efficiency

What are states that support energy efficiency doing that other states are not? And the states that don't support energy efficiency--what are they doing wrong and why? Jeff Haydock, president and CEO of EcoCFO, a consulting firm, gives his point of view. He also explains what needs to be done to boost efficiency in general. … [Read more...]

Helping Off-Grid Electricity Users With Solar Products

A company made up of young entrepreneurs has sold more than 3 million solar-powered lamps and mobile phone chargers for off-grid users using unusual distribution strategies. Listen to the podcast with Jonas Ketterle, Imagineer at Greenlight Planet to learn how they did it. … [Read more...]

How To "Credential" Energy Efficiency Projects for Investors Part 2

How do you "credential" energy efficiency projects for investors and what are the benefits? Matt Golden, director of the Investor Confidence Project for the Environmental Defense Fund, answers these questions in this podcast, Part 2 of our interview with him about building investor confidence in energy efficiency. … [Read more...]

Building Investor Confidence in Energy Efficiency Projects Part 1

The Investor Confidence Project provides energy efficiency standards that serve as the "logo in the lobby," building investor confidence in much the same way the LEED program standards and certification build confidence in projects, says Matt Golden, director of the Environmental Defense Fund's Investor Confidence Project in this podcast, which is … [Read more...]

Jobs in These Green Industries; How to Train For Them?

Demand is growing for service technicians who can repair solar modules, electric vehicle chargers, and other products in green industries. Rue Phillips, CEO of True South Renewables, describes a training program for these jobs, whose workers bring in $50,000 - $75,000 a year. … [Read more...]

The Booming Market for Off-Grid Energy in Urban Areas

There's a booming market for off-grid energy that takes advantage of solar in urban areas, says Alex MeVay, president and CTO of Blue Sky Energy. Solar street lighting and solar parking meters are two examples. His company offers technology that improves by 10 to 30 percent the output of solar systems that use battery storage. … [Read more...]

Why is the CHP Microgrid Market Ripe for Growth?

Why is the CHP microgrid market ripe for growth?  In this podcast, Chris Lyons, manager of power generation, Solar Turbines, names the factors that are driving growth in the market, including storms like Superstorm Sandy, gas prices, and regulatory issues. Read the full report, The Energy Efficient Microgrid: What Combined Heat & Power and … [Read more...]

Benefits of Frozen Water as Residential Energy Storage

Frozen water has been used in the past for commercial energy storage to reduce cooling loads. However, a new product from Ice Energy allows for residential energy storage, which provides many benefits in areas with high cooling loads. James White, owner of Ice Energy, explains the benefits of energy storage for residential customers. … [Read more...]

We Want Access to Homeowners’ Data: Smart Grid Companies

In response to requests from smart grid companies and homeowners who want to save energy, the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association wants to make homeowner data available from utilities. Listen to the podcast with Betsy McCorkle, director of government affairs, to learn how the organization is working to make this happen. … [Read more...]

Efficiency Companies Gain Exposure at Conference

SWSX Eco, which takes place Oct. 6-8, provides opportunities for energy efficiency companies to gain exposure to investors, utilities, and others. Chris Sonnier, producer of SXSW Eco, discusses efficiency trends that will be addressed at the conference and describes opportunities, especially for software companies. … [Read more...]