Campus Microgrid of UCI

campus microgrid

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) is relatively young with the first graduating class in 1966. Today, UCI is rated first among the 100 best universities less than 50 years old in the nation, and acclaimed internationally for its academic strength in energy and environmental topics as well as its operational record in energy efficiency.

Energy Storage in Smart Microgrids

Energy Storage

All power systems also require the capability to balance, in real time, differences between load demand and generator output. This balancing capability—which keeps system frequency at the level where it’s designed to operate—is critical to ensure the stability and reliability of the overall power system, for both centralized power grids as well as microgrids. In a centralized grid, fossil-fuel-fired generating plants typically will ramp up or down to ensure demand and generation output remains in balance.

Microgrid Financing

microgrid financing

State regulatory bodies are realizing that out-of-date regulatory rules are limiting Microgrid adoption and are working to change regulation. States such as New York, Connecticut, and Minnesota have allocated funding and started conversations on how best to change the state regulation to allow for Microgrids to be adopted.

The Energy Efficient CHP Microgrid

CHP Microgrid

This Microgrid Knowledge Special Report paints a picture of the emerging microgrid-driven world, with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) at its core. For a long time CHP and District Energy seemed like the best-kept-secret of energy insiders. Learn how CHP and District Energy are the keys to building the world’s most energy efficient microgrids.