Islands and Microgrids

Islands and microgrids

When most people think of the remote islands and microgrids they imagine the beauty, independance and freedom that comes from living in low population density areas. However, for the electricity operators responible for producing and maintaining the electricity in remote communities, there are a number of unique features that can pose a challenge to being able to do so at a low cost.

Island Microgrids Power the Pacific

island microgrids

A microgrid is an aggregation of a number of technologies that, together, enable the partial, occasional or complete independent generation, regulation and supply of electricity within a relatively small geographic area. Microgrids can operate in isolation, with respect to the large traditional grid infrastructure (sometimes called the macro-grid), though they are often connected to them. These component technologies have seen much innovation over the last decade, considerably widening the appeal of microgrid implementations to a variety of electricity consumers. But technical progress has unfolded somewhat unevenly, and this has affected the economic viability of microgrids for each specific scenario of deployment.