Distributed Energy Resources

distributed energy resources

Microgrids are small groupings of interconnected power generation and control technologies that can operate within or independent of a central grid, mitigating disturbances and increasing system reliability. By enabling the integration of distributed resources such as wind and solar, these systems can be more flexible than traditional grids. This market presents a new and important opportunity for end users, generators, and planners to provide increased efficiency and resiliency in the evolving grid.


Renewable Microgrids

The risks and drawbacks—paired with continuing cost reductions in solar, wind, and energy storage technologies—suggest that an alternative to the fully oil-based electricity systems of the past is now available to islands and remote communities across the globe: affordable renewable microgrids.

Renewable Energy for Microgrids

Renewable Energy

Today, a range of technologies is making the implementation of microgrids more attractive across a wide variety of applications. From the falling costs of solar power generation and energy storage to advances in control systems, the business case for microgrids is improving by the day.

NRG: Renewable Energy

NRG Renewable Energy

As renewable energy solutions take hold, a natural offshoot is that becomes easier for new companies to visualize how a solution can work and more efficient to implement them. In other words the process to identify, visualize and embrace renewable energy is now quicker and more self-evident that ever. Another factor is the range of solar technologies and approaches now being put in place.