Solar Powered Microgrids on Small Islands

solar powered microgrids

The workshop indicated that there is indeed a compelling economic case for SIDS to move away from fossil fuels, towards systems in which PV plays a major – if not dominant – role in generation. In fact, modeling presented at the workshop indicated that adding at least 35% PV to the generation mix would lower the cost of producing electricity on each of the six islands examined. On half of the islands, data indicated that the local utilities could add over 90% of PV to the generation mix and still cut costs. Part I of this report presents an overview of the relevant case studies, including the modeling assumptions used.

NRG: Renewable Energy

NRG Renewable Energy

As renewable energy solutions take hold, a natural offshoot is that becomes easier for new companies to visualize how a solution can work and more efficient to implement them. In other words the process to identify, visualize and embrace renewable energy is now quicker and more self-evident that ever. Another factor is the range of solar technologies and approaches now being put in place.